As a major player in the Logistic industry, Cargolink International thrives on its ability to proffer innovative solutions to all needs relating to transportation

To leverage more on the digital space, they reached out to us to effectively, build a top-notch website with an outstanding interface.

Cargolink International
Website Development Agency


To be at the fore front of the game, Cargolink International aimed at captivating the attention of website visitors by creating a good website with an outstanding interface.
They also wanted to promote a quick customer support service by capturing customers’ need through a form. This was to be done without breaking the website.


How did you come to work with STAY MEDIA?

“It was the COVID 19 pandemic, many businesses were forced to operate online, Cargolink International was no exception but we need a strong well to be presented online, so we reach out to STAY MEDIA. We observe their social media page and this shows a little bit of trust and competence.

We explained what we wanted to achieve and they deliver just that.” Mr Dayo Donald (CEO Cargolink International)


With the ability to meet up tight deadlines and deliver top quality, we really appreciate STAY MEDIA.
They gave Cargolink International website a stunning look that is mobile-friendly and accessible by all from anywhere in the world.

I really applaud their mode of operation, it’s not something we easily find nowadays. Mr Dayo Donald (CEO Cargolink International)