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Top ten most popular FAQs

What the duration it takes to set up a website?

First and foremost, the level of complexity determines how lengthy the project duration would be but the adequate timeframe for a CMS (WordPress) website is between 3 – 4 weeks. Meanwhile, if you want your website completed before then, you can reach out to us on the telephone.

What does it cost to own a website?

To kick off your website project, it is important you know the basic requirements which are a domain, a hosting plan, and a database.
A domain is the URL visitors will use to index/browse your website.
A hosting plan is a live server where your website files sit (think of it as a land where your house sat, and this of the Domain as your house address).

A database stores your website activities and displays stored information to your website visitors. You need these things to kick off your website project.

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